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Well, I can't tell you too much about these mysterious fish.
As far as I know not much is written about them either, as it is only recently that they have caught on as a sportfish.  I have caught them while jigging spoons tipped with minnow heads for other species.  One thing I can tell you is they don't spook easily.  I've bonked them on the head with my lure only to watch them turn and inhale it.  

I think they are typically a deep water species.  Although most of the ones I caught through the ice(which wasn't many) have come in about ten feet of water, just adjacent to the main lake basin....

There was a good article in In-Fisherman's 1999 Ice Fishing Guide(page 92)...

burbot are the most fun fish to catch you go out at night  in 6 to 10 feet off water oversand bottom  with a jig and minnow  you will have more fun and fish than you can handel   p.s. a bottle of rum helps to keep the chill off at night .
stay on the dry side of the ice ;)

I have a buddy that fish's for them and thats all he goes after on winnebago. Usually they are in from 5-10 feet of water right off the islands off of wendts. we couldnt get out there last year cause of crappy ice, but this year he assured me that we would slay em.  He said that youll never have more fun ice fishing until you fish for lawyers!

Poor man's Lobster they say... Haven't eaten them but I can sure tell you how to catch them. Night is right for chasin' Pout. Glow jigs bounced literally on the bottom tipped with a minnow or minnow head will do the trick. I have caught them in depts of 6 feet to over 100 feet. Once while fishing on a Canadian Trout lake at night I caught several 'Pout over six pounds in 100 feet of water. A Canadian Freind of mine was extremely excited to take these fish off my hands. These fish tend to travel in small schools.

They are a blast to catch but, don't just leave them on the ice when you are done. Release them, Eat them or give them to someone who will use them. ;)

Bushmaster,  It's funny that you mention leaving the fish on the ice.  When I was a kid, my pops and all his buddies used to "curse" the lowly "Lawyer".  In Central Wisconsin they seemed to be the scurge of the food chain.  Lots of fishermen used to toss them on the ice and leave them for waste.  "Maybe" it was because they didn't look good? "Maybe" because they came from water that looked like pea soup, (Winnebago, Butte des Mortes, Poygan chains) and folks didn't want to stick a fork in em'?  "Maybe" they just looked too ugly to take a hook out of and didn't want to touch them?  I don't know, but in Alaska they have quite a following to include myself!  They taste quite a bit like lobster, and they're pretty easy to catch in the dark, (making them a favorite prey for some of us since it gets dark around 2:00 PM this time of year.)   I gotta' say anyone debating the quality of the Burbots flesh should give them a try?  They are a pretty tasty fish!  As for palitability, they put other bottom feeders to shame! (Not that I make it a habit to eat Carp, Sheephead, or Catfish.)  Good Stuff!!!


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