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new to ling fishing and was woundering what is good bait for
them i was tolled pike belly and salted minnows

Big Dawg:
u can use just about anything for cusk(laywer,burbot,etc) minnows,live dead smelt, live suckers(about 5-7inches and probably get a few lake trout on em too). but expirament with alot of different baits and find out what works good for ur lake...and when u go, lemme kno how u made out ok? good luck to ya

thanks for the tips  but im from alberta canada and we cant use live bait but i have found that sardienes are great for ling
that and have you tried the glow in the dark jigs deadly


Well what i do is use the Deadest smellest minnow i can find throw it on a hook drop it straight to the bottom and leave it. On my second rod use a glow jig of some sort and a dead minnow..once again the smelly one. That is my technigue good luck


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