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Fishing at night for burbot, does light in the shack help. Having little success fishing these guys, any tips would help.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   myfishstory

I fish them at night in 20-40ft of h20. I like the fire eye jig (glow) tipped with a small tail of a squid, or a piece of power bait. One trick I learnt was to jig slooooooowwwwwlllllyyy yy, and only lift your jig 1-2 inches off the bottom. I know this sounds slow for American standards but it works well. I do however on the initial drop, jig it quickly for 3 times after it hits bottom but that is to attract attention. You must bring up your glowing jig & re-illuminate it after about 10 min of fishing. New glow glows much longer. I don't seem to have this problem though as catch a burbot apprx every 5 mins. I'm actually heading out in a few hours to do some more night fishing. Everything under 5lbs goes back. Hope this helps a bit. ;D

I'd love to try these fish...any tips on productive waters?...Do you keep and eat these fish? I understand they are quite tasty!
I'm in the Rochester, New York area.

Sorry rgfixit I'm not familar with your neck of the woods. Live in northern B.C. Canada. Usually any deep lake up here holds them. If the lake warms up to much in summer then they would not inhabit that lake. Yes they are very tasty, in fact I would rate it #1. Even in front of walleye & salmon. You could check with your local game authority there. I find these guys an excellent source of info. If not then they could direct you to someone on the know. GOOD LUCK.                               P.S.  I thought I had a great life then I was introduced to my wifes deep fried burbot. Now I'm living, & fishing.

Neighbor brought some over tonight, I diced them and boiled them per his instructions. Dipped them in butter, tasted a whole lot like lobster. My first time eating them, they were great!


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