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--- Quote from: ChaumontMasters on Jan 08, 2022, 08:48 PM ---Hi guys, Just wanted to give you a quick update and let you know that as of today we are fishing! Some winds are going to threaten the bay tomorrow but after that it should conducive to ice making.. We have solid fishable ice in front of my place and we did pretty well on our first outing this afternoon. Anyone looking to come up let me know, we offer lodging, guiding and rentals including snowmobile. Thanks guys and good luck to everyone this season no matter where your fishing!  570-510-0911 Louis

Also, you can get updates via our facebook at

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How are the current conditions?
I an considering a trip I. 2 weeks

Just got home from fishing Chaumont with Louis the past 3 days. Top notch. Highly recommend it if you want to catch a trophy walleye.

 I lost a SLOB the first day. Rest of the trip had them pretty sluggish due to the artic blast but guys were still picking trophy eyes. The 13# fish caught on Friday was within a stones throw of our shanty. Today we pulled to new grounds with another group from the lodge and the other group got a 27” beauty. Had to tuck tail and run home to beat the snow.

Louis knows his stuff. Super knowledgeable and helpful for anglers of all experience levels. Genuinely loves to fish and put people on fish. It shows.

Also met so many great people and die hard anglers at the lodge. Gotta be dedicated to fish -12!  ;D

 Pulled hook on the shiver minnow first day was a heartbreaker, but had it on for a good minute and it was doing whatever it wanted. Guaranteed slob. Amazing fight. I will be back to get it!!! 

Thanks Lou! Keep up the great work Sir! Looking forward to the next one.

Hey bud what are your rates if I came up on a solo trip for walleye? I don’t have a sled either

My group of guys are heading up to fish with Chaumont Masters from 2/20 to 2/23.  We can not wait.  Really looking forward to it. 

Made my last ice trip of the year to the same place as my first. Bomb cyclone be damned. Stayed with Lou and fished all day Sat and Sun am with a buddy. We lucked out on the cyclone but moving around in the wind was not too fun on Saturday. Started out by Herrick and my buddy set on a big creature first thing but the hook slipped. Ice out there was starting to rot from the bottom. From there it was pretty tough. Moved in shallower but just perch here and there. Started closer to duck bay on sun am and had some walleye cruising but wouldn’t commit. Better perch action with some nice ones coming up to say hello. Even got a bonus pickerel that gave a spirited fight. Moved to the other side of a hump and played with some rovers for a bit. Assumed they were perch. Just as a snow squall started creeping in I was marking with looked like 2 perch until it wasn’t…. Hookset determined it was an elusive golden eyewall. 25.5” and a new pb. Perfect placeholder until next year! Will be back and ready to conquer a giant. Thanks Lou, keep up the good work buddy!


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