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Problems with catching bluegill.

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Whent the action is slow give plastics a try!!!  Heck, when the action is hot give em a try!  I have been using them for years and every year they keep getting better and better.  My new favorite is Custom Jigs and Spins ratsos and shrimpos or just a plain old micro jig dressed up with one of there finess tails.  Noodles and wedgies work awsome too!  Pick some up and give em a try.  Get multiple colors, sizes and styles and you'll be ready for anything.  Plus you don't have keep putting on fresh bait all of the time.


12foot, instead of moving the bait to the fish, try making the  fish move to you. The futher you can move a gill out of their "zone" the better chance you have to catch him. If they come up and push or sideswipe the bait then I like to tease them by jerking it away as they get close, then the 2nd or 3rd time the gill gets close leave the jig and they won't mess around taking it then. Good luck............Sb.

 :DHey your right waxys work the best with bluegills because I use them myself for both bluegills and perch but it does remain on what color jig you use for I use yellow jigs or teardrops. 8) :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

Ive been having the pumkinseeds hit 3 times before i hook them they've been real agressive lately

try adding a small thin slice of soft plastic (preferably cut from power bait) and add one maggot or waxie...or try pins(tiny emeralds)


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