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Missing a lot of fish

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Went to a reclaimed trout pond over the weekend and got one small brown but had probably 4-5 more strikes on the jig i was using and 3-4 missed fish on the jawjackers, donít have a bunch of experience going for trout through the ice and was wondering if there was something i didnít know or if itís just how it goes. I was using a clam rattle jig with what appears to be a size 6-8 treble and a 6 single hook with a small minnow on the jawjacker. Thanks -Gator

Might try a #4 hook, check line for stretch, I had some line that would stretch a lot and I missed a lot of fish earlier this year.

Iíll give the bigger hook a go, donít believe itís the line cause its all fluoro that i respooled this year and the stuff seems pretty stiff compared to mono at least thanks!

Trout tend to slash at bait a lot. Chances are the fish are nipping and pulling at your bait, and the rod pulls it before the hook is in the mouth. Try going with smaller bait so they get it all the way in their mouth. For bows and brookies I always have better luck with worms. Try a piece of night crawler big enough to cover the hook and have a bit dangle on each end, you can use bigger hooks in this case. Or go with smaller minnows and a #8-6 wide gap or octopus hook (or treble if legal) just under the skin in front of the dorsal fin.

I might have to go with a worm because i was using some tiny minnows, smallest the local b&t had, maybe 2Ē at most thanks!


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