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i fish both ways for different situations.

when i'm fishing the spoon below the jig, i separate them by anywhere from 1 to 3 feet. this is so i can cover more water, or to try and catch doubles when fish are schooling and aggressively feeding. i also use it on dead-sticks to present a large bait low and a small bait high.

when i fish the jig below the spoon, i remove the treble hook from the spoon and tie the jig to the spoon with a very short leader; usually 2 inches long and no more than 3 inches. this prevents tangling on the drop. i use this rig when i'm hole hopping and moving very fast. it lets me fish a small jig much faster, and attracts larger fish. once i've found fish that i want to target, i'll sometimes switch to just the jig or just the spoon, but often i'll stick with the rig.


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