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Whopper Stopper:
I finally got around to painting up a couple of golf balls and tried them 3x so far. My hole is big enough that I can have a ball down and also a 12"-14" sucker minnow.

Over the 3 days on ice using the ball , I have watched a lot of fish and in my case it seems like 2 - 5 pound northerns came into the ball. Anything over that came strictly into the sucker. Do you ball users find this to be the norm or have you had luck seeing bigger fish on the balls?

None the less I was impressed how well the balls drew the pike, and bass in.


Do you have it on a spinner or just let it rest motionless?

Whopper Stopper:
I have been putting the string between my thumb and forefinger and spinning it every 3-4 minutes. About every 1/2 hour I give it a tug up and down. So far it's been a toss up on moving or still when they come in.


Just bumping this up because I would like to see more answers to this question also. Thanks.

Bucket Rump:
I use painted golf balls quite a bit - seem to use the half red / half white most times.  I also add a small eyehook to the bottom and at times attach various spoons (no hooks) to add a little flash - I do use a battery operated spinner to rotate the rig.  Works surprisingly well and it's interesting to watch a pike s-l-o-w-l-y glide in and stare at it with some gently bumping it.


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