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rod and/or spring bobber for 1/100 and 1/200 ounce jigs

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These spring bobbers are really good.

snitch rod w/ rapala titanium spring bobber, it has a glow bead on it and is super brite.

Old Goat:
try the smallest thill float you can find

Problem I find with titanium is there to stiff..  I found schoolly spring bobbers..  I electrical tape mine to my rods I use a medium action I use it for a verity of fish from crappie perch to bass trout.. the scholly bobbers are the most sensitive around..  I hang them a good 3 to 4 inches out the tip of the rod..

That's what I fish with 90% of the time. The perfect combo for this is a st. Croix LSR24UL paired with the light spring bobber and a 13 fishing free fall online is 2 key points to consider....with this setup your line that u spooled up is crucial in your success if it spools off and u can see coils or the slightest bit of coils all your sensitivity is gone....bc the bite will have to take those coils out before your spring bobber shows a bite....solution use a super suple line I use seagaur invizx....other trick put that tiny jig down the hole make sure that with that amount of weight that it's deflecting the spring down....if it's not stretch the spring out a little at a time until that spring is perfectly tuned for those tiny jigs.... reason being for the spring being deflected down if the fish picks the bait up and moves up a little you'll see it no problem....same goes for downward pressure....if you don't tune the spring to bow with those little jigs you won't see some camera verified...


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