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Favorite color for bluegills???

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I almost always start with white (with a waxworm) and rarely need to switch colors.

Wonderbread with spikes.

...well it was. So far this season I've done better on orange/chartreuse and solid golds ...3mm tungstens.

x2 what he said in a 4mm tungsten.  killer around here!!!

A better question would be, "What is the bluegill's favorite color"?  I have found that the answer changes frequently.  Sometimes more then once a day!  I use two rods at a time and therefore start with two different colors.  I use a Hummingbird Ice 55, therefore I know when I'm on fish.  If I know they are under me and I can't catch them using the colors I have on, I switch until I find what they want.  If they, what I call, "run" right up to the bait but don't take it, I know they are seeing it ok.  If they don't take it, I change my cadence to try and entice them.  If they still shy away, I may try either a different size hook of the same color or a different style hook, in the same color.  I have also found that gills can get tired of any given color.  Therefore, I will catch the active fish out of a hole and once they stop biting, I will throw a different color at them.  Often times I can catch another two or three using a different color.  Once I catch all of the active fish out of a hole, I'll move on to another hole.  However, I always, always, always make note of the holes I caught fish out of and return to them after they settle down.  I can usually catch another one or two.  Then there are those "special" days when you drill a hole, sit down and catch all you want without moving, or changing colors.  Those days are "special" because they are few and far between.  I have been catching gills for over fifty years and still don't consider myself a pro.  However, there are three things I can pretty much guarantee; First, if you use my above tactics, you "will" catch more fish.  Second, the fish will tell you what they want.  And Third, some days you will win and grin and some days the gills will laugh back at you!  Stay safe

Gold/black, red, glow green all work for me depending on conditions


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