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Ice Shanty Specific

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How to post pictures on Ice Shanty

Helpful reminders to Ice Shanty new members

Maine Specific

Stocking Report

With Google Earth ~ Detailed maps and what fish are in what bodies of water in Maine

PDF of the 2022 Maine fishing regulation

Species Identification

Derby Information

Maine live bait dealers

Maine fishing Reports and Conditions ~ WE NEED TO DO A BETTER JOB ABOUT UPDATING THIS



Jiffy Authorized Service Centers (though just bring it to Dag's  ;D )

Eskimo Parts (though just bring it to Dag's  ;D )

StrikeMaster Service Centers (though just bring it to Dag's  ;D )

Nils USA

Authorized Nils Blade Sharpening:
Frank Deluca
5382 Jentoft Rd.
Saginaw, MN

Best Ice Fishing Suits (floating models too) - IMHO

Best Winter Boots Reviews

Flashers, flashers, and more flashers:

Ice safe thickness

Ice safety ~ what to do if you fall in

Great Post for all of us to use.
Thank you Sinnian,

That's a fantastic and complete list of links! Thanks, Sinnian

ADMIN, could we pin Sinnianís post at the top of the page?  ;D

X2, Saltwater site I frequent has a similar pinned post and it's  an awesome quick resource.


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