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30-06 jig?


A buddy of mine ran into a local! Up North a few miles, who fills an empty 30-06 shell with lead, and attaches a treble-hook baited with perch meat while fishing for burbot.  He was given one, on the lake.  Within five minutes he drug up a 36 incher!  I guess it was his only catch, but he was jacked, to say the least.  Anyone else heard of using ammo (used) on fish?

Water Wolf:
Never heard of that trick before, but makes sense to me.
The heavy weighted cartage would bang the bottom hard kicking up lots of sand and debris and make a fair ruckus.
When the burbot came to check it out, the chunk of bait on the hook appealed to their sense of smell and taste, and bang, fish on. :tipup:

I bet adding some steel shot to clang around inside a sealed spent cartage may work also, just like a larger buckshot rattle spoon.


Not much different than using a big diamond jig, or a gold swedish pimple really.  Some days very simple plain looking jigs work best.

Never heard of this before, what end was the hook attached to the neck of the case or the primer side. Might have to make some of these I have a ton of 30-06 brass

I have read a lot lately about using copper pipe jigs for cod and halibut. Seems like a smaller version of the same idea. Bet it would work good.


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