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--- Quote from: lingcod on Dec 16, 2018, 01:06 PM ---I agree with Mancave - Fenwick elite all the way. Ive caught some serious lake trout on my 24 ML rod Also have an UL for panfish. Another plus is theprice.

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I have two one ML and one L.
Keep it safe! JDL

Have you tried fly fishing at all for bluegill. This has been some of my favourite fishing over the past summer season. I got a cheap 3 weight rod from moonshine after reading this article and had a ball. You can just use a small streamer or topwater lure and the strike rate is really high.

Go to EBay and type in Shakespeare ice rods.  Their rods are incredibly sensitive and a great rod for what you want to spend. If you are open to $42, also on EBay, Hardwater Custom has some great rods too.  I own two and am very happy.


--- Quote from: Monticatgeek on Jan 16, 2018, 10:32 PM ---A 20 or 24 inch Jason Mitchell meat stick would fit what you are looking for. sensitive tip but a good back bone to them. I just started running them my self this year and really have gotten to liking them. the other option would be a noodle type rod.

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I fished with one all last season, the "dead meat" version. Mostly crappies and bluegills but I do catch an accidental bass, for $30, the rod was great in and out of the shack.

Blue gills are notorious for their nibble nibbles.  This is where that St. Croix Legend spring bobber excels.  I would also choose an UL glass rod as an alternative.  One that has a good noodle tip but some backbone to set the hook quickly too.

Now when the big gills are on minnow feed, the standard carbon in a L power would be my preference.  Spoons and some bait works well.


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