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2013 ISNJ Braggn' Tourney .. ENDED



- 2013 -

  Team New Jersey's  First  Annual  Online  Tournament 

Tournament Dates :    01-01-13 (6:00AM EST)  thru  02-28-13 (10:00PM EST)

Sign Up Deadline :      12-14-12 (9:00AM EST) thru 12-30-12 (9:00PM EST)

Eligible :                      All registered Team Iceshanty NJ members.

Prizes :                        Braggin' rights and first place recieves a "LoneWolf certificate" (winner pay's shipping).


1) You must be an IceShanty NJ member and signed up by the deadline. ( Must have NJ or New Jersey in your profile location or in your signature to be eligible)

2) You are allowed to upgrade entries. Once the entry is upgraded the previous entry is not eligible.

3) You must print a copy of the ISNJ 2013 card which will be available on the night of 12-31-12.

4) Two color photos will be required per entry (of at least 450 pixels)
a.) Photo 1: The entry fish must be photographed with the entire rule (measuring device) clearly and readable in 
 the picture as well as the ISNJ 2013 card while still out on the ice. No part of the fish should be on the rule but I make exceptions for a fin, etc..  only yellow push/pull rules will be allowed
     Only the entry fish - No multiple fish in the photo. No inside shanty pics. Only the ISNJ tournament card .. no other cards in picture.
b.) Photo 2: This photo must have the angler and fish together while still out on the ice with the lake (ice) in the background and the anglers face uncovered. No downward pictures ..
         we want a view of the lake. No inside the shanty pictures.
         If the pic is taken at night kneel and take the pic at a downward angle so as to include the ice. Daylight pictures require background (view) as stated above.

No altering of the photo's or immediate DQ.

                                  All entries must be fresh caught fish .. not frozen or gutted.
                               Take the pic immediately while the fish looks good. If it sits all day
                                    and looks bad it will be DQ'd.

5) The photo must be posted (no snail mail) within the tournament dates/times by the entrant.

6) The entry is length only - not girth or weight.

7) a)The length is "as the fish lays" - not by squeezing the tail. The entry is measured from the furthest point to
     the rear (tail) and front (lip). No open jaw .. if open measured from shortest point at head.(usually upper lip)
     b.)Only post entries that can challenge the leaders board. Any " short " entries can be posted in the "short" entries area to qualify for the weekly drawing.

8) All entries must be caught in NJ.

*If the entry is flopping you may place one hand to hold it down .. not two hands. No holding the mouth shut.

*No out of season entries will be honored. This is to prevent their targeting for the tourney*

* I will not be PM'ing measurements/results. You can check the leaders board.

There will be a "short" category to post any entries that do not challenge the leaders board.

                             Entries must remain posted for the duration of tourney.                       
                          In the event of a tie the first entry entered will be honored.


                                 Decisions/Results will be posted by myself.


                                Photo  Tips :
                                   Use a rule with the largest numbers you can find.
                                   Take the photo directly above fish and straight down  ... not at an angle.
                                   Take several photos to ensure at least one meets the criteria.
                                   Fill the pic with the entry, rule and card and avoid side clutter.




Yellow Perch                             
LM Bass
Chain Pickerel                                                                 
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