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Hey Guys, My name is Chris Sinclair, I am 16 years old from Nova Scotia, Canada. I am an avid fly fisherman, fly tier and I also LOVE to ice fish.
I Take videos of my fishing adventures and publish them on the internet. But that's beside the point, this is a ice fishing site right?! Lets talk about ICE FISHING!

I always catch and release my fish because the lakes I fish have a lot of pressure and a lot of people keeping their Rainbows. (I don't have a problem with that, but these are my views) It doesn't really matter because there stocked pretty heavily, but thats one more fish for a child to catch and put a smile on his/her face.
During the Ice fishing season my biggest fish hooked to date was a approximate 6 pound brown trout that I had halfway out of the hole when the 6 pound Trilene broke,, I was going to release it anyways but a picture ain't to bad to go along with the rush of hooking that size fish on an UL Combo.



welcome to the shanty ;D. im 15. do you have a link to the ice fishing videos ::)

welcome to the site, I'm sure you'll enjoy it here.  There are lots of nice people who are very knowledgible and willing to help.  I must commend you on your views, that is a very admirable and mature way of looking at things.  If you get time please post a link to your videos, I'd like to watch them. 

My open water fly fishing videos are better than my ice fishing videos... by the way I left out I used to you spinning gear, now Im pretty much dedicated to fly fishing i enjoy it alot more and I am sponsored by a fly shop so that is a bonus
I'm going to work on my filming skills on the ice this year. I do not wan't to post my link as I do not want to advertise myself.

My youtube username is MegaTroutFishing if you guys wanna take a gander, have at it,

and I am apart of a few fly fishing forums , so i kinda know my way around these sort of things haha


da man cave shack:
Welcome to the shanty and the addiction it is.


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