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The cold snap that is, or can you point me in the right direction. It's going to get fairly cold(low 20's) the next couple nights, but will it help?
My local lakes are pretty much shot. Sure, I can still get on the spots where the bite was hot a month ago, but those spots got cold. And my new hot spots are unsafe, at least for me. I'd really like to get on the ice this weekend, and might end up fishing the comunity spots, if need be ???.
I'm thinking of trying a new lake, but not sure which one. Care to help ;D??
Criteria would be within two or so hours of Harrisburg, safe ice including the shoreline, and the possibility of catching perch or trout or gills or eyes or pike or picks or carp or shiners or.................... ........... ::)

Feel free to PM if you prefer, and rest assured that I'm way past the point of keeping anything I catch, unless it's a 4.4lb or larger perch. Got to show those NJ folks we got what it takes ;D ;D

Pike Popper:
You PA guys get to ice fish longer than us jersey boys, well at least most of you. I'll be intruding into your state once all the ice around here melts(another week or two at least hopefully). Byron Come over to Jersey and I'll show you some ice and how to catch some fish.  ;D I like to fish for trout through the ice in PA, but all your southern PA lakes probably aren't fishable anymore.(Luxembourg,Levittown,Leaser) I'll possibly hit up Hidden Lake next weekend after the stocking. Was thinking about Minsi but read the post about the unsafe ice. I hope Hidden Lake even holds up.

Byron, I know Harveys had 12in of ice over the weekend, some browns and perch caught.
Ice over allentown way shot as well.

Although probably on the "fringe" of 2-hrs from H'burg... I'm pretty sure the Pocono lakes have good ice. Here's the number & link for the local bait shop in Stroudsburg. They'll be able to give you the low-down on Hidden Lake, Minisink, Pecks Pond, Promised Land, etc.

Dunkleberger's, Stroudsburg, PA: (570) 421-7950

Byron, run up to Tuscorara or Locust Lake. I fished Tuscorara today and it had about 7.5 inches on it. We drove over to Locust and it was all iced up also with 3 guys fishing it. There was only about 2 feet of marginal ice right at the ramp at Tuscorara. I just made a big step to get onto the good ice. 


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