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Lets see how everyone likes to make your fish "After your catch", Enjoy and lets see something to make us all HUNGRY!!!!!!

Slayer's chowder Perch Chowder......

13 fillet's of diced perch (1/2"x1/2" or so)
1/4 cup bacon bits
1/4 butter
1/2 onion
1/4 cup floor
salt and pepper too taste
1/2 tea spoon basal
4 cups milk
and 8 red pototoes cut into 4...

melt butter in pot, add onion, cook till onion is soft on low, don't want too burn the butter, add flour, salt, pepper, potatoes, gradually stir in milk and add fish on medium heat until it boils, you have too stir constantly so milk does not stick too bottom of pot, sauce will thicken, when it thickens, fish is flaking, and potatoes are soft your done....


Duck,  this recipe sounds good but I had a put the potatoes and fish at the same time?

Yes, you cut the potatoes small enough it only takes 10 minutes simmering too get them soft,

Thanks Matt...this is going to be tomorrow night meal....


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