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Enjoying excellent fishing the last two weeks.  Last evening  for two hours before dark the dropper rigs were outfishing jigs 3 to 1.  Strange,  because a week ago it was almost the opposite.  Spoons with bright yellow on them and a dropped hook were really hot.

Here's a few different dropper configurations.

I have been using the longer shank single hooks more than the treble lately.  Hook just as many fish as the treble and easier to remove.


Well, here we are a year later, and the April story is the same.  Ice is still good and lots of burbot around.  This past Monday night we caught 18, and last night 17 nice burbot came home to the freezer. 

Most of them caught on dropper rigs with pike skin.  A few on glow jigs.  Both nights I fished two holes about 8 feet apart, one rod with a jig and one with dropper rig.

Perhaps a week left before we hang it up here.  Sunsets have been pretty good, too.



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