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Best Burbot Lure/Bait

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I think this coming year with us planning on going for a whole week rather than the 4 days like we did this year we will have a better chance at locating them.

I try to locate clear patches of bottom between rockpiles, All those above came out a small cave under a rock pile !

Just after sunset with glow in the dark spoons (green). Cleo's or similar type spoons.
Just after sunset seems to be the most active time & minnows also work. A glow in the dark spoon will also draw them into the area of the minnows.

Good Luck: Rick

Water Wolf:
You can fish for burbot all winter long, but for the largest concentrations of them try fishing near their spawn time of late Feb. to late March.

They can usually be caught on set lines or jigging with lures you would use for, pike, walleye or perch, on or near the bottom.
A lure that has lots of smell and noise is a good choice for them.

Check out this webpage and click on CTV New Video The Burbs, for some more ideas. ;)


Awesome link Water Wolf, Thanks for posting it !! :thumbsup:


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