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Ok, I'm done screwing around with baits for these buggers, I go to Eelpout Fest every year in Walker, MN and have yet to catch one. I just want to catch some to eat not to try and win the tournament. Anyone have any tips on the best lures or baits for these guys? Something that isn't $12 for a Northland Airplane jig please? Thanks guys!

ive personally never caught or seen one but i see alot of people using heavy jigging spoons and a either a small shiner or half of one.just pound it off the bottom alot is all im told.rattle spoons work good from what i hear as well

Custom Jigs and Spins 5/16 Slender spoon with a Dropper chain Work well for me ! $ 2.89 each !  :thumbsup:

I take sucker fillet strips or whole shiners, put them in a ziplock bag with squirt of anise based fish attractant, WD 40 works also. I put the bag near some sort of heat or sunny widow sill and let em stew for awhile, Burbot are real keen on Dead stuff, they don't have to use energy chasing it ! Normally a couple days will do it, if it is strong enough to knock a buzzard off a Honey wagon, its just right ! :sick: :thumbsup: I started experimenting with the Berkley gulp alive last March too and it is showing a lot of potential ! Fish em Low and Slow, if you can drag em on bottom, they will Slam em ! :icefish:

TY SURF!! You're the man!

Up here they bite on a jig and frozen shinner, usually cath them when fishing for perch or eyes. Got to love the fight they put up with all the twisting and turning. Caught a couple in the 8lb range last year and they fight like hell


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