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--- Quote from: on Dec 28, 2019, 09:29 AM ---Pigeon Lake - 10' - 12" good ice. A few people were driving on at the provincial park. Most were walk ons. Fished only a couple hours at drop off and no sign of life down our holes. Saw one walleye caught next to us and that was all.

Gull Lake - 12"  good ice. Lots of people driving on. Lots of walk on at Brownlows. Wilson Beach was same, but got a bit thinner farther out from shore. No fish, non seen.

--- End quote ---

Slow times!  I managed to at least find the walleye but that was about it.  9-10 inches out further on Pigeon.   Not a lot of ice for this time of year.  I'm skidooing it.

I saw all species of fish at Gull except perch.  Ice was 11-13 inches.  13 inches closer to shore and 11 out further. 

Walks on Water:
Around 12" on the south end of Lessard. Fishing was okay, caught some pike and saw a few <5" perch.

hard water wolf pack:
was at Travers last saturday 12" of ice

Reports from a few of the farmers around here in East Central Alberta are around 3-4 inch in the dugouts and sloughs they are opening for the cows. These are mostly all small bodies of water and close to shore. We have very little snow and have had a couple of weeks already of some double digit lows. All depends on the weather but if it continues as it has should have walk on ice first week in December. . I am not one to push it, but the lakes around here are small with most being less than a mile by a mile so things firm up pretty quick.

Sylvan Lake - Dec 09th .... Posted today on Alberta Outdoors, here you go if your not a A/O member. 

Did an ice survey today it looks like Sylvan ice s/b ok to walk out on Dec 11th.

Took measurements 100 & 200 yds out. LtHse area = 6”, Norglenwold = 6.5”, Sunbreaker = 6”, Palm Bay = 8”.

This year there’s no ice heavies or ridges along shore to get over.

Lighthouse Area ..

Norglenwold Lake access Road ....

Sunbreaker Cove area ....

Palm Bay area had the most ice ...


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