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Took the hut off the ice the other day.  Might have been a bit early, but the HOT weather's been scaring us lately.  Anyone have some rules of thumb for when to take the hut off the ice?

big walleye:
hey BCSmits. This is Big Walleye from Manitoba. I thought your post looked awfully lonely so I replied. We still have a solid 2.5 to 3.5 ft of ice out here. Depending on the lake and what feeds it we usually take our shacks off after a week of above zero temperatures. How was the fishing this winter?? Any big catches? 8) 8) 8)

Ice Gido:
Hi BCSmits. Up here in Northwest BC people don't seem to use permantent ice houses, so I can't answer your question in that respect.  However, for general icefishing my partner and I go for as long as we can or until the river fishing kicks in.  We normally venture out on the ice until it gets very sugary or melts around the shore so we can't get out to the ice without a boat.  Right now we are doing a combination of river - big sea run dollies - and ice fishing.

BCSmits: I heard it was getting warm down south where you are from. It is rare to see a shack north of Quesnel. I have a portable one that I take out when it gets real cold when I take the kids out. Not sure why they are not used up here more. Possibly cause we are a little tougher up here :o But then again I'm pretty lonely on the ice when it is -40 degrees. If there is any wind though I bring the pop-up at that temp.
Ice Gido: Sea run dollies, must be nice. How big are they??? I will be out your way sometime this summer. Friend is taking me to "Idiot Rock". Actually more for my 11 yr old son to catch some springs. Will be hitting the Babine in August for some grizzly watching and fishing for sockeye. Good luck.


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