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Yukon Burbot


Anybody fish for Burbot in the Whitehorse area? We've been using overnight set lines (we're allowed a whopping 10 each) overnight, and have had limited luck. I'm defiinitely going to try Jake's glow jig suggestions, but was wondering if anyone knew of good lakes in the area. . . .


yukonman 8)

Fished in Atlin lake a few years back and had good luck on the south shore but of course you are closer to the north shore. I just have never tried it on the north side. Good luck Yukonman. ;D

Just a question for ya Yukon ..When you set the Nite lines out was the bait at least missing In the morning? Because Iv'e fished Ling at nite and I fell asleep 2 times once while fishing for them and both times my two lines with Bait were both missing the bait...Who knows how long each time but they can be quite the sneeky lil thieves when they want to be..Anyhow was just curious as to the Set lines if they are missing the bait or not...And yes iv'e found Jakes Way alot better for Ling. Tight Lines!


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