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what time of year do ling spawn and do they go up rivers or creeks to spawn. And is it the same all over i live in alberta. 

the spawn is over, they spawn in lakes and rivers...really depends... january to mid-late february is the spawn depending on where you are.  Anyhow they spawn in shallow water, less than 10 feet...but now that they are done they should be feeding pretty heavily.

Caught  7 & 8 lbers last night here in northern BC and they still are full of eggs. Things are a bit weird here in northern BC as at a local lake we have kokanee that also spawn in mid winter. According to conservation officers there are only 3 lakes in BC where this happens. The spawn for burbot here goes into first week in March. Still waiting to tape them on the Aqua-vu doing their orgies. Have only seen a couple roll by.

Hey terry this might sound dumb but can u actual Tape them on the view? Like so you can re-watch it later? If so then if you can get them in their Orgie type setting you shoudl maybe summit it to a Fishing show as i don't know of anyone who has this actually happening or have ever seen it with their own eyes...Just a thought...

No I don't think I can get them doing it Germ. I have watched on the Aqua-vu and only seen a couple rolling through but it was still slightly light out and it was just  mostly shadows. Not a real good picture. One fellow had one passing by on his Aqua-vu last year that he taped. It was posted on this site. I would love to capture a bunch of them doing it but I would have to be very close as light doesn't go very far. The chances of something like that happening are very slim, probably better than you catching an adult burbot though. ;)


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