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I have never caught a burbot however there is a resevoir near me that has had them illegally planted about 7 years ago and now the lake is overrun with them i tried one evening to catch them but that did not work out so well. It is a reservoir in the plains and has a few trout and carp and i believe suckers in it is all and now ling. If anyone could give me some ideas on what to try or where to try i would be greatly appreciative.



find a hump in the lake, or off a point...somewhere where the bottom changes from deep to shallow, or an inlet towards the deep side of the change in bottom...bounce your jig off the bottom when you jig.  tip your jig with bait, and use the biggest glow in the dark jig you can find...soft baits also work excellently. fish from sunset to mid night, the best bite sould be between those hours.  hope that helps

YA i would pretty much do anything that Jake tells me to do regarding Ling ...or actually didn't BArly and Barly DOg beat you out on the Title of King Ling Master Jake>?

LOL you must defend your title jake as i do believe the score was that would be a skunk for sure wasn't even close (poke poke)

I know when I take out friends I expect them to catch way more fish than I do. That is because I'm taking the fish off the hook for them, fetching them a beer, rebaiting, drilling the holes etc. Generally doing the little things to make sure they have a good time. Some times I don't even fish if there is alot of people. You would be a hard guy to go out with cause I would probably be at your hole constantly removing the baby ling from your line and fetching the kleenex to wipe the tears from your eyes due to the trauma of it all. Also if you caught some of the fish we did out west , why I'd probably have to clean your shorts too :-[

 I see your reading the Germ exactly Terry . ;D


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