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just a few of them were last season's....i have more pictures of this year, and last years....but i just gave a bit about my burbot history in pictures. heck, i have 60 pictures of bubot from this season alone ;D up to 63 caught through the ice this season.  Hopefuly i'll hit 100.
Unless they specifically say otherwise they are from this season...i might make it out on saturday night and maybe even friday night this week

Hey um when you clean them you just strip the skin off but then re-strip the meat off after you do the skin?

yep, you don't get a bunch of slime on the meat that way

Thanks Jake, I did not know What an Eelpout looked like until you posted the (Eelpout pics only.) Now it helps me visualize what they accutley look like. They are kinda a strange looking fish. To bad we dont have them here in Colorado. This ice shanty sight just keeps amazing me, learn somthing new every day. Thanks again !!!

Ya i did the skin method and your right about the amount of slime...What i use to do before was when forzen pull the skin and meat away from the bone which would work for the back layer top..with some help of the knife but not so much for the side meat on the tail. Now doing your way i use remove the skin like taking off a sock then i just steam the fish or strip meat away with knife and butter in a pan..Nice tips keep up the good work. Some of the Ontario Ice shanty Boys are doing a get together on the end of this month and we will be hitting some Ling as well So ill post any pictures when we go. Tight lines!


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