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the lil' ling hit the main hook, but the trailers have cut my fish loss by about buddy caught that one though.  I have been starting to catch and realease alot more burbot, I've caught many more than me and my roomates can eat, but we like them alot.

Listne jake there is never Enough Ling for Your roommates to eat...Dude have a ling party! Sned the pics jake as i love em..Can you next time get a close up of just the Ling? Your coloerations there are AMazing compared to my brown slime bag ling lol Tight lines jake and thanks!

Nice ctahes there jake and BArly and Barly Dog maybe next year ill take a trip out to alaska For a nite or 2 of fishing for the ling Nice coleration on them also jake thanks for the the way how thick is the ice where you guyz are?

anywhere from 36 inches to not making it through with the auger....way tooo much


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