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going out tonight, hopefully i'll get some good pictures...haven'te failled yet.

I better see some pictures tommorow morning jake or else ..I don't have a ling god to look up to man. Tight l;ines good luck and don;t loose any toes to frost bite.

felt like my toes were going to get frostbite, man it was cold...felt like -20f, on our way back the sign said -10f but i know it was colder on the river.  Well i delivered anyway..threw them all back though...saw a whitefish on my aqua-vu too, that was cool

Nice one and yes you delivered...Ill try the bait on the tip set up like you suggest and i'll have more then pics to back me up as the  Other ice shanty boys will be there with me also. Tight lines jake and get some big ol Ling for me.

Hey jake did you have a trailer hook on that lil Ling you had there? I seen a trble hook hanging sort of side ways off that Glowjig was just wondering if you set it up with a treblehook trailer? Anyhow nice catches man....You must Love the LING as much as I do...Your family eat alot of Ling also jake? Or do you practice catch and release alot?


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