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nice one scott, good resolution on your pics.  Hey germ, not bad, maybe i can send some of those ones i let go down to you....get on a bigger lake or something.  I know there are some monster burbot down around ontario right?

LOL nice one jake that is the spirit...Dude im trying for bigger ones I seriosuly AM next week Im headed to LAke of Bays here I contacted the MNR fdr Burbot facts..This is how serious i am about the LING. Had to Contact the Men that would know..LOL they pointed me towards Lake of Bays..Which is where with their facts have been getting bigger numbers of Burbot and in ample supple they said.  SO anyhow in the next few weeks from now i will be hitting The lake of bays. I will post if i have any luck..I know these are on the small size for you but for me i don't know any differnt as of yet...Simcoe used to have Burbot in Nice size slots but the MNR netted them by the Hundreds of thousands in the 70's and 80's and used them for fertilizer then stocked the lake with lake trout. Anyhow im still searching  and ill be getting the big ling before ya know it. Once i find them ill be nesting there dont you worry. TIght lines! And thanks for the laugh. (you can send your small ones though i'd take them lol ROFL) tight lines!

AS a side note i forgot to mention about the nice quanity of fish you caughyt and Quality as well. They are Awesome sizes JAke plus the Coleration of them are amazing...The lake i fish as slight brown tint to it so the Ling are a bit Brown looking compared to those Nice Green coleration your bringing out..The method you suggested is great also they seem to hit it more agressivly and more like a BAss or a big perch when they hit and a lnice fight on the way up...Compared to just sitting and waiting for tip ups they dont seem to haev the fight that way..weird but thanks for the advice...

well germ i hope you do well at your new lake, catch a 20 pounder! i wish you well in your efforts.  Just remember to get some pictures.

Will do for sure JAke ...NOw you have to get your arse out there and get some more pics for us as well as i believe you mentioned the one's you posted were last years? What give's man get some fish!!!! Id be all over them...Just finsihed eating ling for lunch. Hmmm hmm just butter abd strips..Not big strips like you would get but LIng none the less! Tight lines!


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