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Master Angler:
Has anyone fished burbot in resevoirs?  I am going to try a prairie resevoir which has a maximum depth of 30-40 feet in the river channel.  Where would be the best at night?  In the channel?  Shallow flats close to the deep water?   
Thanks in advance!

Dusk till 11:00 deepest part maybe try pre-baiting as i di today and now im getting ready to head out and brave the cold to catch me some ling..Tight lines  and try deepest depths that you can considering its only deepest at 40 feet hard to tell if you even have any! Tight lines!

Master Angler:
Thanks Germ.  I know they're in there, I have got a couple fishing for walleyes but haven't really targeted them.  I see them lying on the ice beside peoples shacks.  Don't know why they would leave such a tasty fish on the ice. 

I think I might give it a try next weekend.  I'll let you guys know how I did.

All right well i've fished today using my method and FIsherman Jakes..Go with his method...I didnt catch any on my dead fish lines but with my other Jigging Rod tipped with a Glow jig and GLow softbait made by rattlesnake i jigged on the bottom like you do for perch..caught 3 lost 3 on the way up and broken lines becaseu of the ice(iwasnt in a hut) ANyhow use his method much more effective. Pretend your fishing for Perch just use his set up. Tight lines and good luck.


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