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Here it is, anyone who has them post them and lets see your burbot, ling, lawyer, eelpout, and cusk.  Post a comment with you picture, but no coments without pictures.  So if anyone asks what a burbot is send them here.

(i'm going to try to revive this topic, so any pictures that don't show up I'll get rid of, starting with mine ;))

My battle with a mighty Green Bay pout. I had a bad migraine so I was trying to take a little nap in the shanty. I had just fallen asleep (rod in hand) of course, when this fish rudely woke me up.


Ontario burbot, caught two by accident last year, will stay later to night this year!


Me with a very decent burbot caught out of the Tanana last season

My wife with a 13.4 pounder that she caught (her best one so far), too bad I dropped the camera down the hole after the shot, because I caught a 13.6 pounder about an hour later :o.  The camera works now due to my quick hand recovery, but was out of commision for a month or so.


Just a little guy, but first one of the year.


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