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Can't find them during the day

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Mr. Charlie:
I agree with a lot of the above. Early season edges mid season basins late season deep structure near weeds.

In my experience, a few things could be happening and some here have touched on it...

Crappie are most actively feeding in the early morning/early evening (and into the night) and are generally suspended almost anywhere in the water column. Fairly easy to find and catch...usually.

During the day, and I find this with Bluegill as well, a couple of things could be happening. 1) If it's a bright sunny day, which usually means high pressure, fish will go right to the bottom (or in thick cover) and "pin" themselves there with little to no movement making it difficult to even pick up on the locator. They are just plain inactive. 2) On the flip side, fish can be constantly on the move making it just as tough to locate. 2 lakes that I fish, especially during the day, I am chasing. Constantly. Once I find a school.. and they are usually becomes a game to see how fast and how many times I can get the jig down there to pick off a few until they move. Then it might be 3 or 4 more holes to drill before I find them again. Repeat. A buddy and I do this together until one of us find them, then the other will drill a hole...or holes...close by until fish are found. Again, once they move, we start all over. True hole hopping. And yes, this ol' boy is tired after a day of this.  ;)

Anyway, these could be a couple of reasons you're not finding or staying on fish. Good luck.


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