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What are your 3 favorite crappie lures?

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Scranton Joe:
1. Size 16 treble hook with bb split shot

2. Size 14 treble hook with bb split shot

3.  Tungsten glow jig tipped with wax worm.

Whatever is working. I have had success with red but sometimes not. I have lots of baits and just cycle thru them to find what they will bite. 

How far away from  hook do you guys put your splitshot when ice fishing?

Depends on how active you want your minnow to be, if you want it to swim and move alot - usually have the shot weight about 12".  If I want the minnow to stay put under my bobber, then I move the weight to the jig closer - about 3".  Anything between there is an experiment and will change depending on how the crappie are biting.


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