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Drying them with a paper towel helps the first flour layer sick before you put it in the egg wash. If you can get it in your neck of the lake try adding Old Bay seasoning to your flour.
Keep it safe! JDL

When you take them out of the fryer, instead of putting them on papertowel, where they kind of just sit in oil, i put them on a rack, with pt underneath....then the oil falls through the rack as opposed to resoaking into the crappie!!


--- Quote from: Reinert on Dec 31, 2016, 07:42 AM ---Dip dry fillets in yellow or a spicy mustard yes mustard then your favorite breading and fry in hot peanut oil.perfect

--- End quote ---

I'm going to try that if I can remember it next time I cook fish

If they are soggy, I am guessing you aren't letting the oil get up to the proper temp before putting the fish in, or you are overcrowding the pan.

Scout 24:
Dip in milk, roll in Shore Lunch and 4 minutes in the deep fryer set at 350 degrees. They are very good, mild, but not as sweet as yellow perch.


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