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Does anyone else have a hectic fall schedule like me

I've got the first 2 weeks in November to build an ice house from scratch, take my old wagoneer out of storage and get it ready for deer season, get my RV ready for deer season, fill 4 deer tags. Then I go on vacation where I'll be driving 4000miles to Malibu, CA and back again.

It doesn't seem like much here but for some reason my calendar is packed with my schedule.

I'm shaping up to be electively busy
Bowhunting starts oct 4th--place stand next w/e hunt through october
trip to pittsburg nh for rifle hunting (maybe?)
friend coming home from Germany for 2 weeks to rifle hunt vermont
help friend build shanty from ground up--in garage, awesome!
bird hunting when not deer hunting
fall bass in early october also
oh yeah, work full time, etc.
maintain income property
I may be busy but it beats the alternative--and I'm sure there are people out there busier than me


--- Quote from: vermonner on Sep 24, 2008, 09:14 AM ---I may be busy but it beats the alternative
--- End quote ---

Amen to that

Officially starting on the "grain bin" next week...Convert my quad back from racing to ice fishing......Black hills deer trip...spray insulate the west and north walls in my house...cut enough fire  wood for the winter (house and shack) get my Suburban ready for all of the above....Somwhere in there I gotta fit work into the schedule.

Last weekend pulled the dock and boat lift out of the lake and put away for the season  :'(
Took down the porch screens, put away the 14' Lund and 13' canoe.  Soon I will winterize the
big boat, drop it off for storage and pick up the snow sleds.  Then I have to get them ready for
the season.  I am getting the ice gear collected
and looking it over.  Work is kind of getting in the way of things.  I mid-October I travel for a full
week (ruins two weekends!).  Other activities are keeping me hopping but as said in an earlier post,
it's better than the alternative!



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