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anyone no of any other ice fishing derbies besides Regina beach and Jackfish Lake                

Back in the day, there was a dogfish derby on Buffalo Pound, a perch jigging contest at Fort Qu'appelle, and a Dilke sponsored derby at Wee-Too.  I'd say, outside of asking at all the tackle shops the best way to find out what's on these days is to phone the SERM since they have to issue a permit for all fishing derbys, and they may give you the list.

waterhen the first saturday in march

I write a fishing report for the Waterfront news  and  we  have  a smaller  derby on feb 28  limited to about 250 fishermen, here at Regina Beach,If you want  more  information I can email you a weekly  update,regards Don Daniels at Regina Beach  [email protected]                

THere is a derby at Wakaw Lake on March 13. Entry fee is $50. First prize is $10,000.


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