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Are the burbot biting on Bonner?

I wasn't able to land any they seemed to just stare at the bait got a few to strike with a lot of violent jigging but wasn't able to hook up

Slow day on Blue Lake this afternoon.  Almost 3 hours on the ice and only 7 fish between 3 of us.  Ice profile is 10 inches total with 3 inches of slush to moderately firm ice on top, then a a slush layer, then 6 of firm ice.  A few spots you would punch through the top 3 and then other spots were pretty firm.

went by spirit at nautical loop-no one fishing-anyone know if it's bad bite or bad ice?
also curious if anyone has been on lower twin and if catching fish?

Had a friend on lower twin yesterday was getting some fish but no kokanee


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