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Hope on the horizon


Have been checking the long range forecast on about every channel ,website ect. They all say the same thing by Tues or Wed of next week big changes. Temps will actually be below normal for an extended period of time. I started to think I was a jinx since this warmup started right after I ordered a vexilar.  

Fat Boy has been telling me that for a long time now that the cold is coming and I still do not believe him ;D Been waiting long time........bring it on. :'(

Believe it, Genz Man, believe it.  It's cooling down up North.  It should spill down your way soon.  Not many people out on the big lakes in Central Maine today because the weather has just started to turn.  I couldn't fish today, but had time to cut some test holes.  An very nice 8-10" on most of Maranacook (a big lake) in Readfield.  I'll wave my arms and send some of this your way.  Happy New Year!  8)

Jim C.


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