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Deep Creek Lake is Making Ice now!

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 :)Took a peek at the lake this morning, on the way to work, the back of Marsh run, & Ski Cove is starting to ice up. It is not fishable ice by any means, but is a good sign! Temps were very cold here last night (low teens) and is supposed to dip down to teens the next few nights, with hi temps not breaking past freezing until next week. Hopefully wont be too much longer, hopefully fishable ice by Xmas. I did look at the same areas yesterday morning on the way to work, it has froze alot more compaired to then. 2 weeks ago the water temp was 42, so its falling fast.

kEEP on coming cold snap. Hope the temps do not go too high :'(

Hey FDC, I talked to a women that lives out near the lake the other day, she said that the Mchenry cove is froze over with snow on top but she said that she didn't think it was safe yet !  Just wondering if you could confirm this ?  Thanks  ;)

Yes its covered with ice & snow, however im unsure of the thickness. Ive seen no one out on it. The South end however is better, was out ice fishing yesterday on about 4-5 inches of clear ice, and some cloud ice/snow pack on top. The lake is still kinda iffy, main lake is wide open, you need to be extra cautious if you venture out. The next fews days is calling for warm weather, and rain so no telling what will happen with the ice. Did pretty well yesterday, caught a mess of perch (3 of the were nice jumbos that measure 13") a few gills including one porker, and 2 keeper walleyes. Ill post a pic or two soon as I can.

 That report is killing me. I'm looking for a little more ice before I risk it though . We can only hope the warm and rain get out of here quickly.


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