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Getting Close To Ice Season.

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Just spoke to fat boy today and it looks like we will head your way FDC. If you would like some added company. We do not know fishing locations very well on DC during ice season and would be more then glad to share tackle, Info, Etc. It would be a blast. Looking to this coming ICE SEASON with much anticipation. :'( :'( :'(

Ill keep you guys informed, on ice conditions as they become availible. Hopefully we will start to get ice soon, we were out ice fishing before Christmas last year, the first ice bite was top notch. Hopefully the horse perch like the pic below will be back at it again. The pic is a Deep Creek Giant, that I iced at early ice (one among the many we caught). Another place to get info or conditions is at Click on message board from the main page. No I am not affiliated with that page,just happen to have the same user name. It is run by Brent Nelson who is a guide on Deep Creek. I go under the handle "Rock" on that web forum.

I am going to do some searching around for a fishtrap and maybe a gas auger. Not sure about the auger but it looks like the fishtrap is going to be a must if we are gonna hit DC this season. Thanks for the link I will check it out. That is one heckuva sweet pig perch.  ;D :'(

Take a look at the Scout Model Fish Trap, Ive been 100% happy with mine! Gander Mountain is stocking them now. I think a one man is the way to go, I prefer a Trap over a clam for speed of setting up. Also a one man is a little easier to haul. I bought the Scout model, is does not have the zipper door, which I do not need. I rarely use tips ups, I do set up a deadstick, so running in & out of a shanty isnt a big deal, plus is takes only a second to flip open a Scout. If you do decide on a Fish Trap Scout, look carefully! Some Gander Mountains are carrying an older model for $149. It is an older model, and I think the one that is going for $199.00 is a lot better. The older model does not have side vents/flaps, which is not great for using heaters! Also the new Scouts have dark blue lining for dimming the inside of the shanty for sight fishing, and better illumination of Flashers. The dark interior does work for sight fishing, the floor gets a glowing hue to it if its sunny out. I was amazedd how far down I could see my ice jig with the Fish Trap, even iced a few perch watching it through the hole!

hey FishDeepCreek....any ice there yet ....I am from Bedford County PA and frequent the lake for those jumbo Perch.........I got some nice eyes last year also .....would not mind  meetin up on the ice and gettin some fatties with you this year ...keep me posted ....thanks about High Point ? heard anything about the ice there yet ?


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