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Forgot to mention the walleye stuff I needed to ask you. I have not had the opportunity much to hit the hardwater for walleyes. I mainly fish for perch and crappies. Fat boy is more accustomed to using spoons and whatnot. I am not that experienced and would like some tips for what tackle I may need to get. PM me if you would rather discuss it off the main board. :'(

Swedish Pimples, & Kastmasters, in gold are good. Swedish pimple thats silver with orange tape on it is good too. My bro had luck with small orange whistler jigs. They even hit tear drop type baits too, but probably prefer more traditional walleye ice lures. We always tip with minnows, or piece of minnows. Ive picked up a few Salmo Chubby Darters to try this year, I was unable to find any last season, so didnt get to try them then. Forage minnows from Northland work too. Ive made a fwe largers sized "pounder" style jigs that I want to try this year as well.

Thanks again for all the info. How is the lake looking? Did you guys get pounded with snow? I would imagine the ice is forming up as we speak. It is pretty freakin cold now in our neck of the woods and I imagine 5 to 10 or more degrees colder out your way. I hope the warm temps for mid week do not happen out your way. Looks like it may be a big rain maker.

I dont think we had the snow like you guys had, maybe only 5 inches if that. NOAA was predicting 8-15 originally, but it never happened. It did get cold last night and the lake got a good boost on freezing. See my newest post for a pic & details!

Hey Genz Man and Fat Boy, I'll be on the ice this weekend in Central Maine.  We had 2 to 3 feet of snow, but the noreaster blew the lakes pretty clean.  We had 2.5 to 5 inches of black ice before the snow.  I just got my Garmin GPS unit yesterday and should get my maggies tomorrow.  Sunday, I plan to be on Taylor Pond working the bass and jumbo panfish.  I love Winter....and it's great to be in a place where it's 5 moths long. ;D



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