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Going to try and get one more nite of Walter fishing if ice is still good. Hope to see someone there. :tipup:

I'm not going to make the drive in this mess, but I will be there Saturday night.

I may come Saturday,but was thinking Sunday or Monday. Good luck

I was just there trying to get on and I was not successful. There is about 20 ft of water between the launch and ice sheet. I walked down the trail to the left of the launch to try to find an access point and slipped into the water while attempting to see how deep the water was (to see if I could walk through it). Filled my entire boots with water and got up to my knee wet. Ice sheet was only a few feet away so it could be a feasible access point. Youíll see my jet sled tracks Iím sure. Also could be better acress points down the trail a bit further. The cold should harden up the edges too.

No idea how thick the ice sheet is at this point.

Thanks for the update, it saved me a drive. With my luk the ice won't be good there until Tuesday. :(


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