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Anyone fishing Bantam this weekend?  Planning on quick trip Sunday and would appreciate any info on ice conditions.

Skunked today.Fished off Folly Point.Ice 12" thick soft on the top.Edges are shot.I walked out through water.

I was there Friday. I was drilling through at least 8 inches of good ice in a part of the lake that usually doesn't have the best ice, so most popular areas should be safe. There was a lot of water on top of the ice and I imagine it was sloppier today. There may be some surface refreezing tonight, and you may find yourself breaking through partially refrozen surface ice in some places tomorrow. There might also be a couple of iffy edges. Make sure you have your cleats and that your boots are waterproof.

Great trip, great fish, congrats.

Saw a lot of peeps out on Saturday. We checked it as we headed back from Highland   Lake.


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