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I know the guys are catching fish here in NE SD but VERY FEW posts,,, I know guys like to keep the info to yourself.  FB has numerous fish being caught but no name on lakes. That is fine as I usually go find them myself like you should. Just a post here once in a while to know there are others out there. Just saying. Trying Waubay, Lynn and a slough this weekend and let ya know how I do.

im heading to watertown for the weekend tomorrow, but I really dont know where to go. Most of the lakes around me are sketchy ice as it is. Anyone wanna give a hint to where to go?

we have had little snow in most of the area which so far has made this one of the best ice conditions I can recall in a long time. We got some rain all over the east side of the state yesterday, up to or over a tenth of an inch in some places so I don't know what that did to the ice.

The weather being up and down has really thrown off the bite for me its been hard to nail down a consistent bite or pattern just about anywhere. Some lakes I only do well over night, other lakes nothing over night etc. The results literally change from one day to the next.

I will say that all the snow in ND and MN has funneled lots of pressure to some areas. I thought the thundering herd was bad on some lakes last year and this year has been even worse at times. That's not a knock to any one group specifically, I just hate fishing in crowds. The sheer number of vehicles at some of these lakes is absolutely crazy and just pure chaos at times. I have never seen crowds like this before on some of these lakes. A mid week report is entirely different than a weekend I can tell you that for sure.

I don't post to forums as much as I used to simply due to being burned too many times. Of course if you post a picture of a nice fish and say where you are, you are going to find people in that spot very soon. The final straw for me was when someone had taken some of my advice, had a bad day, and then decided to take it out on me. Called me a liar, jerk, claimed I pointed him to a bad lake to protect my secret honey hole.

It's not worth it. It's not worth it to be posting fishing reports online, on facebook, or anywhere else. Resorts do it because it's their business. Unless you are a guide, don't do it. When I catch a nice fish, I'll say a nearby town, but that's about as specific as I get. I suggest others do the same, not only to keep the crowds from your spots, but just to protect yourself.

Now when it comes to reporting conditions, tips, or techniques, then I'm all for that. Right now around Aberdeen I'm hearing 4" of ice a few days ago on Richmond lake, no idea if it has reduced with the hot weather today, but I don't think it would be drastic. Everything in the Hecla area has been frozen solid for two weeks. I have not yet tried ice fishing this year.

Go fish, take pics of nice fish without backgrounds, post all over the net! ;D


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