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I am considering a day on the bay in the next couple weekends. I would be walking out and I have no experience on the bay. I was just looking for suggestions for safe places to get on that aren't to far of a walk. I am not looking for the biggest fish in the lake just looking for a chance to catch some walleye and try something different. If anybody has any tips to help keep me safe I would appreciate it. There is a good chance I will have my 11 year old son with me so safety is most important. Thanks in advance for any help.

Someone just posted info on the BofQ on the Kingston Back lakes post and You Tube has lots of videos with tips on the Bay. I don't go there as I don't know the Bay but have heard the ice can be iffy at times due to the currents. Not sure but there used to be shack rentals where they bring you out for the day?
  Stay Safe

I dont go out there either for the same reason. I am just looking for something a little different. I usually go up towards bancroft more but a lot of the lakes I like to go to I don't think I will be able to get to right now. Snowmobile is down for now. I tend to hit smaller lakes that i know a little better but like I said just considering trying something a little different maybe. Thanks for the info and advice

Lots of ice there right now in MOST places, but there are definitely places to avoid (close to bridges and narrow points where current speeds through). If you want a "safe" place I would say either Huffs Road in Napanee and go out to 30 FOW (middle of the channel) - has a solid 8 - 10" of ice ormore (as of Tuesday when I was there) but always be sure to spud/check along the way out. You can drop your gear off at the ice and then park for
$5 at the fenced in field on the right as you drive away from the ice (can't miss it). I've been parking on the ice near shore as it is pretty safe (I feel) and it's less of a walk lol.

Another safe place is Big Bay off Big Island in Northport/Demorestville. There are some areas where you can park on the road but there is a farm owned by the Wagers (782 N Big Island Road, Demorestville) where he plows a field and has a mailbox for $5 parking. Access to the ice is just across the road from where you park (can't miss it). Find 20 FOW and setup there.

Tons of good info on Quinte on this forum:

I hope this helps. Be safe!

Thank you for the info. That definitely helps. I have been reading that the fishing has been slow. Maybe by the time I get a chance to go it will pick up.


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