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1st Ice is Nice.

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How big? Certainly big enough, well done!

Truth be told, I don’t think you’ll be surrounded by people the next time you’re there simply because you posted these pics here and a few people might recognize the location.


I think it’s hilarious that some say to “black out the background” when taking a picture of a nice fish. The odds of that fish being caught in the exact same place is very low.  Unless a person is trespassing on your private lake or pond- you have no right to tell someone to “blackout the background”.
Most who are posting pictures on this site are genuinely just happy to get out to enjoy the time outdoors.  Catching a nice fish is a bonus.  Let’s face it- very few fisherman on this site are on the Bassmaster’s tour or making any $$ fishing.  AND there are no “secret spots” - for anyone who has internet access.  however it’s nice to see those bigger fish put back in the hole for someone else to have a chance to enjoy. 

If you are reading this- There are NO SECRET SPOTS! ( period) # truth. 

Great fish! Nice work

Very nice fish right there. No need to blur out the spot cause it's Pike fishing! May not get a flag there the rest of the month.

Remdog nailed it


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