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Global Warming in CT:
I'm as excited as the next guy to get on some ice this weekend. Just wondering where you guys get bigger-sized baits for pike. I'm in the southeast corner and usually get shiners from Fish Connection in Gales Ferry or River's End in Old Saybrook. They are great shops and I appreciate them staying open in the winter, but they usually don't have any big shiners or suckers (although they will charge "pike bait" prices for heavy mediums, haha). A couple years ago I took a ride to TAGs and stocked up for the season, and last year I stocked up at Sanzeri's because I was frequently fishing in the NW corner, but both places are an hour-plus drive for me. Just wondering if I'm missing any bait shops closer to the SE corner that sell good pike baits. I'm hoping to take a ride somewhere either Thursday or Friday after work, both to get bait and do some scouting. Thanks.  :tipup:

Not sure if it's on your way heading to the NE corner or what their status is this winter but I've gotten shiners at Dee's Bait & Tackle - it's a nice helpful shop.  I haven't been there this winter - not sure they have large live baits but I think they have frozen.

93 Clay St
New Haven, CT, CT 06513-3505
(203) 562-7025

I don't know the bait laws in CT but I follow a guy on instagram who sells wild caught golden shiners, fallfish, suckers, mummies, etc. and will deliver them to you.  If you are interested and think it is legal give me a PM and I can share his social media info.

Papa Sly:
Its legal to catch and use them just not sell them and you can buy them in CT and use them in Ma...just cant buy in Ma.

Careful Papa. You can legally buy Goldens inct and legally use them in MA, but crossing state lines with live baitfish is a no no.
(f) Importation of Baitfish. Only commercial baitfish defined in 4.01 (8)(a) may be imported for use and sale as bait by a licensed dealer. Importation of any live fish, other than aquarium trade fish as defined in 321 CMR 9.01(2),  requires an importation permit from the Director, including commercial baitfish.

I don't think they have many live bait checkpoints at the border, but just sayin.


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