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Clam Legend XL-- 1/2 open mod?????

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      I have a Clam Legend Thermal. There are times while fishing that I only want it 1/2 way. Using it like a windblown, but I haven't seen a way to do this with the clam shelters.

Has anyone made a modification that will allow this 1/2open idea? On my Frabills they always had a small hook assembly that would allow this type of function.

Any and all information is greatly appreciated.

Best Regards, JBDekes

I don't have that shanty but I assume all you need to do is run a spreader pole that stops you last piece that you flip over from setting in place. You an buy clips and cut a piece of conduit to length. Hope that makes sense.

i thought they all came with at least one that goes in the rear
mine all did
but u can make ur own
clam sells the clip ends i think, or complete pole
give em a call

hardwater diehard:
Seen some creative PVC pipe with some T-fitting  customized ..I have a two Frabills..with the latch on the corner end pole supports..That a little more time consuming to replicate. If you can loacte some C-clips

Hard to find the C Clips ..but these may work with some creativity

Leave the back pole in or copy frabill. Shouldn't take long if you have a drill and a grinder


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