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Bantam Lake Litchfield Town Beach access:What you need to know.

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I took a ride up to Bantam this afternoon to get my Litchfield Town Beach access pass and a few things have changed since last year.
1.  The town clerks office no longer issues passes, you have to go to the Parks &Recreation department over on Doyle Road off Rt202 in Bantam to get your pass.
2. Process to get a pass. The old process was you filled out a form with your name, address and license plate number of the vehicle the pass was issued to. That is no longer the case, they now issue a mirror hanger style pass rather than a 6Ēx9Ē paper one. It is issued to an address and name but not a specific vehicle which is great especially if your buddy wants to drive or you need to switch vehicles with the wife.
3. The passes are not free anymore, 30$. Yup, gotta pay to play.

I took a ride to the ramp after I got my pass just to look around. The town has put up signs with a notice for pass holders and a warning for vehicles who donít have a pass. So you may get towed if you donít have a pass. Again not sure who will be monitoring if anyone at all.

Also, Colleen who works in the Parks & Rec department is very kind and helpful. She is issuing the passes currently.

Hope this info helps anyone looking to get a pass for the ďice seasonĒ or lack there of.

Info For Town of Litchfield Parks & rec in pic.


Nice report Ö. Thanks!

Do you also happen to know the status of the Morris boat launch access??  :tipup:

Hey Jebra,  I just talked to Christine over at the town hall in Morris. The good news: Currently the town of Morris IS allowing access to whom ever would like to use the Morris town beach area. FOR WINTER ACCESS ONLY The bad news: She did inform me that the gate is currently closed but maybe open for access on a day to day basis. More bad news: Theyíve had issues with vandalism recently on town buildings there. Graffiti, litter and people doing burnouts creating ruts in the parking lot which ultimately is costing the town tax payers money to maintain and clean up the mess.  Again, itís open for access thankfully but I got the vibe that the town isnít to motivated to make sure the gate is open for us because of what has happened. They do not have any intention of monitoring the lot nor do they plan on making a pass requirement like Litchfield. Hopefully they catch the punks that are ruining a great resource. Iíd hate to lose that as an access point.

Thaks BD.
I remember talking with her a few years back. Nice lady. Yeah itís too bad that a few stooges can ruin things for many. Seen it happen way too many times.  :tipup:

Hey man just curious is that a parking pass just for the town beach or do you need a parking pass to park anywhere around bantam lake


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