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Hey guys, hard water newbie

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Hey guys, I haven't ice fished since I was a kid with my uncle, and I'm starting to piece together some gear to get going on my own.  I found this site and thought it would be awesome to join and maybe hook up with some other guys along the way.  Just wanted to say hello and I'm looking forward to reading posts, watching videos, and learning more about the sport.

hardwater diehard:
Welcome aboard ..You should add your location to your profile ..county and state . Also utilize the SEARCH function ..tons n tons of information on a plethora of topics.


Thanks for the tip, got that fixed.

It's been slow for information but it should take off now. Check the lakes board for more information.

welcome! your way out west river I see, I have no info I can give you over there but if you make your way over to the east side reach out. I'm located over by Sioux Falls area.


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